Gulf States Toyota


Power of Prius Website


Gulf States Toyota asked us to engage fence-sitters (those not likely to buy a Prius) and educate them on the benefits of a Prius, while simultaneously learning about their obstacles to purchase (to inform future marketing efforts).

Our solution was a site that: 

  • • Engaged visitors through a question & answer based “dialogue” designed to glean demographic and attitudinal data.
  • • Provided feedback (tips, trivia, videos) based on their answers to create an active conversation.
  • • Presented a visual summary at the end of the experience and a sharable graphic that users could push to their social networks.
  • • Allowed users to enter a sweepstakes for a “Chance to Win one of two New 2013 Toyota Prius”.

The campaign was supported through Online Advertising, Search, CRM, Dealer Assets,  and at Events. 

This site presents a forward thinking, technologically-advanced presence, leveraging modern coding techniques to create an ultra slick experience that is indicative of the Prius brand.  Be sure to check out the site on your iPhone and iPads as well.