MMB • April 01, 2016

15 Years and Counting

April 1 marked a significant milestone for MMB, as we celebrated our 15th anniversary under the glow of new business, new campaigns, new hires and new direction.

Founded in 2001, we've grown from a 5-person startup to a team of over 75 creative professionals across brand strategy, creative, account service, analytics, CRM, content management, and production services. We've become nationally known for our work on Subway, ESPN, Sam Adams, LL Bean, Jiffy Lube, Toyota, Join.Me, Ken's Foods, Boston Children's Hospital, Ocean State Job Lot, NESN, and more. We've earned recognition ranging from industry awards to parodies of our commercial work on Saturday Night Live.

But this is just the beginning.

Agency President Fred Bertino and Co-Founder Jamie Mambro, along with new ECD's Greg Almeida and Travis Robertson, continue to evolve the agency and work to keep it at the forefront of both emerging technologies and consumer trends. Over the past several months, our new direction as a strategically led, full-service creative agency has brought several new high profile clients including The Boston Bruins, The American Heart Association, Lionel, CoachUp, ALS Association (Ice Bucket Challenge) and the Grand Prix of Boston.

Perhaps Jamie said it best: "The next 15 years will see continued change in our industry – in marketing and advertising technology, in the availability of information to inform strategy, decision making and measurement, and even in the production end of our business.

But there will always be a market for great ideas. Clients today need great ideas more than ever before, because a client with a great idea will beat a client without one every time. We've seen it work over the course of the past 15 years, and hopefully we'll see it a lot more in the next 15."


The early days of MMB, circa 2001.