MMB • December 03, 2014

MMB and Boston Children’s Hospital Featured in Strategic Health Care Marketing

MMB’s work for Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) was recently featured in “How Boston Children’s Hospital Stands Out in a Crowd of Standouts,” by Peter Hochstein in the August issue of Strategic Health Care Marketing.

In the article, MMB’s Chief Marketing Officer Liz Vanzura sheds light on the strategic insights that led MMB to create BCH’s “Until Every Child is Well” campaign. With the primary goal to increase awareness of the importance of specialized treatment for children, Vanzura notes that moms need to be reminded to “think Boston Children’s Hospital first” regardless of the complexity of the ailment.

Additionally, moms were not interested in being shown the “sick” side of the equation. Instead, it was critically important to focus on the many children that had overcome their ailment and were on the other side of the treatments.

We’re extremely proud of the work we have done with BCH and are thrilled to see their efforts recognized in this well-known industry publication.

Read the full article here.