Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins diehards. They're everywhere.

There are people who like sports. People who love sports. And then there are Boston Bruins fans. A particular set of lunatics who live and die by the team. They are the Diehards. Continuing with last year's "In Our Blood" mantra, we took a lighthearted look at these folks whose mere existence revolves around the black and gold.

A brilliant way to generate instant relevance, attention and sizzling pass-around viralness.


What kind of Diehard are you?

Profiles were created for different fan types and shared across social media. Fans could even take a quiz on Facebook Canvas. Their answers determined what kind of Bruins Diehard archetype most closely represented them. Their reward? A short video or post they could share across social media that corresponded to their fan trope.

The Bruins just put out the best postseason commercial I've ever seen.

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If You Build It …

Obviously, we can’t name every single kind of fan out there (who has that kind of time?) So we gave people the option of creating their own Diehard personas with an online Diehard Generator. If fans shared their creations on social media with the hashtag #InOurBlood, they were entered to win free playoff tickets.


Hockey is life.

In a cross promotion with ’47 Brand, “Diehard” t-shirts were printed and sold across Boston. Local celebrities and sports legends took part in the fun as well.

Now this is what I'm talking about. Funny as hell.


A Media Firestorm

The campaign was featured on media outlets nationwide, generating buzz-worthy chatter for the brand.