Boston Bruins

In Boston, Hockey is a Religion.

Using the deeply rooted history of Boston hockey culture as its cornerstone, we created an evocative campaign for the Boston Bruins. Unified by the tagline “In Our Blood”, we shined a light on the organic marriage of a city, its hockey team and its real fans — using no actors and no professional hockey players.


Hockey is Life

A gritty print and poster campaign featuring the weathered faces of Southie old-timers, dive bar ephemera, and a collection of epic tattoos paying tribute to a real allegiance that could never be manufactured or fabricated.


Using the hashtag #InOurBlood, which we created, we encouraged fans to show their passion for the Bruins across social media. Instantly, Boston faithful flooded to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to share their own images. The campaign reached more than 11 million people with a 172% increase in social engagement.

The Faces of Fandom

Out-of-Home placements decorated the city, with different billboards corresponding to specific neighborhoods.


Boston and Hockey. A Love Story.

Bruins fans. They are devout. They are loyal. They are Boston. And hockey is in their blood.


Hockey culture meets web design.

A website matching the raw, filmic imagery used in the campaign was created to allow fans access to the breadth of content — everything from videos to posters to downloadable wallpaper.

Bruins new playoff video is Awesome!

Barstool Sports

This video will remind you that Boston bleeds hockey