Coaching tips from, well, everybody.

CoachUp is a new startup where young athletes can get quality, private coaching that works. The trouble was, they had zero awareness. So we unearthed the insight “these days everyone thinks they’re a coach,” to create a funny, breakthrough video starring the greatest shooter in NBA history, Steph Curry. And we brought it all to life with an airtight social strategy.


Steph hit shots, they hit share

With a limited media budget, our strategy was simple: Make a kick-ass spot and distribute it to the right channels. From there, the shares, likes and comments followed in droves.

And this plan of ours, the one where we said ...

"Steph Curry is a social media God. If we harness his online presence and wrap it in a sharp insight, the world will spread the word for us."

Well, it worked.

Articles were written. Tweets were sent.
Instagrams were made. And the video was covered by these major news outlets.

"Love the execution of this ad by @stephencurry30 & coachup."


"Watch Stephen Curry get a little 'Coached up' in this hilarious video."


"Steph Curry doesn't need your damn advice."