Ken's Salad Dressings


Ken’s Salad Dressing didn’t start with a focus group. Or inside an internationally owned, mega-conglomerate’s “flavor laboratory.” Ken’s began as a family recipe in the kitchen of a steak house. Consumers in the Northeast grew up understanding Ken’s commitment to quality and flavor. But the brand faced a two-fold marketing challenge: they needed to raise brand awareness outside of their home region, while generating trial of a new product line.


Dressing Goes Digital

We developed a national digital campaign based on a consumer-centric strategy designed to appeal to both new and existing consumers.


Cooking As Content

We then turned Ken's social media channels into inspiration destinations. To prove that Ken's dressings are so much more than a salad-topper, we created dozens of recipe videos, showing the endless ways to enjoy their range of products.

The Salad Dressing Search Engine

The Ken’s retail website also got a full redesign, becoming an interactive destination for home cooks and professional chefs alike.