Ocean State Job Lot


Want a purple kayak? Need a silicone turkey baster? How about 40 pounds of topsoil? You’re in luck. Ocean State Job Lot has all of that and more. They even have that two-story kitty condo you never realized you needed so badly.

Here’s the challenge: Ocean State Job Lot was fighting the perception that closeout meant low quality and cheap merchandise. Buried in a black hole of promotional messaging, coupon clippings, and newspaper circulars, they weren't doing much to negate this belief.

Our strategy was to redefine the closeout retailer's consumer benefit: a lot more for a lot less, and convey this insight through more relevant media channels than their standard print and coupons.

The messaging told a much-needed brand story, and by focusing on key products for every season, the program continually emphasized new merchandise by the strange, infinitely overflowing piñata-full. Our tactic succeeded in driving repeat visits across different seasons.