Sam Adams - Fill Your Glass

Glass half empty or half full be damned

A long time ago, Sam Adams started the craft beer revolution and owned the category for years. But as the idea of craft began to change, so did the market. Younger drinkers gravitated towards niche breweries while domestic continued to boom. Which left the brand dangling somewhere in between.

Sam Adams knew they needed to reclaim what they started and make their brand relevant again. Enter: Fill Your Glass. A brand new platform that champions those who refuse to live a life half full or half empty. Instead, they full it up to the very top.

Cultural Impact.

The new tagline even made it’s way into the New York Times crossword puzzle, further solidifying the campaign’s cultural power and significance.

Life's about wins both big and small.

A series of :15 second spots extend the Fill Your Glass story via relatable vignettes. Because let’s be honest, nobody gets a pickle jar open on the first try.

Beer. The best thing you've seen on Instagram lately.

We created gifs and stills to push the launch of the new Fill Your Glass platform on Instagram and Facebook, owning a self-aware voice and tone that was new for Sam.

What about the brand's 62 other beers?

It’s true that Sam Adams makes over 60 beers. Which is great for us, because it means the opportunities never stop. We demonstrated that the Fill Your Glass platform is multi-product dimensional by extending it to two other fan favorites - Sam Summer Ale and Sam Adams OctoberFest.


Just as refreshing online

A newly designed incorporated Fill Your Glass campaign elements, providing a seamless end-to-end experience both online and off.