Sweet Baby Ray's


Sweet Baby Rays’ loyal fan-base is a passionate group of BBQ-obsessed consumers. And while SBR has always been king of the supermarket shelf, we needed to also make the country’s most popular BBQ sauce a staple in every restaurant and cafeteria. That meant converting experienced chefs into devout Saucetarians.

We used their already strong brand and turned it into the ultimate sales tool, making sure their unique voice carried through every step of the sales process.

The Sauce Editorial. AKA The Saucetorial.

We developed print work in industry publications, and direct response mailings.


The Sauce Site

We created a fully redesigned food service website featuring a new, reworked product database that was much more user-friendly to their growing B2B audience.


Connecting with college kids. One wing at a time.

We also created Wing Night events across college campuses, so that dining halls could test new products and gauge success. We spread the word for these events with bold posters that spoke the language of the elusive undergrad.